Welcome to Nyack Yoga

Nyack YogaAt Nyack Yoga we believe that the physical, spiritual and mental benefits of Yoga are indispensable tools for navigating the stresses of a modern 21st century life. That through the practice of Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness one can achieve balance, ease and openness in both body and mind. We believe these benefits of Yoga are available to all people regardless of prior experience or physical abilities, and that each persons yoga practice is their own personal path to health and wellness. To facilitate this, we offer classes and workshops of all levels and types of yoga, in an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance, free from judgement, with space and support for every level and type of practitioner. Our diverse and welcoming community attests to this. Nyack Yoga’s spacious and inviting studio is located in the heart of Nyack with free parking onsite and handicap accessibility.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • Happy Hour Yoga  A  weekly class with a rotating teacher and different musical theme every Friday 6:30 – 7:45 pm.
    This week, Celebrate MLK Jr. and a music theme reflecting empowerment, speaking up for ourselves and each other, being true to the core values of non-violence, tolerance and love. An all levels flow guided by Naomi Camilleri . Friday, January 13.
  • The Enlightened Mind: Creativity and Telepathy  with David Gandelman  .. Tuesday,  January 24, 7:30 pm. Come Learn How To… Turn Stress into Creativity – Create Your Life Path with Meditation -Explore Your Spiritual Abilities
    In this workshop we will explore the grounded mind, and how to clean out the noise in our heads to make space for creative lightening to strike… Learn More & Register
  • An Understanding of Chaturanga  with Laura Kallen  .. Saturday,  January 28, 3:00 pm. Have you struggled with properly executing chaturanga or the alignment and strength of your “flow” in your vinyasa yoga practice? Are you a yoga teacher who would like to learn different techniques to help teach something that so many people struggle with in their asana practice? This workshop will explore how to effectively execute and refine your chaturanga and surya namaskar. We will practice postures that help us to build strength in the shoulders and core (abdominals and back). Explore the anatomy of the shoulder girdle and its alignment for better understanding of functionality, play with postures that help to…Learn More & Register
  • Start Meditating  with Petrina Plecko .. Saturday,  February 4, 3:00 pm. Are you ready to change your brain? Improve your health? Increase positive emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, sleep better, experience a greater sense of calm? If so, you may want to start meditating. In this workshop you will learn…Learn More & Register
  • SoundBath  with Naaz Hosseini, Peter Blum, Thomas Workman and Steve Gorn  .. Saturday, February 11, 8:00 pm.
    A horizontal concert which is a transportive musical experience where you can close your eyes and drift into your own imagery and contemplation. Each SoundBath event is fresh – an exploration through vibration to synchronize heart and mind. Peter Blum, Steve Gorn, Thomas Workman and Naaz Hosseini return to Nyack Yoga to bring you another transportive musical experience..Learn More & Register