Welcome to Nyack Yoga

Nyack YogaAt Nyack Yoga we believe that the physical, spiritual and mental benefits of Yoga are indispensable tools for navigating the stresses of a modern 21st century life. That through the practice of Yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and mindfulness one can achieve balance, ease and openness in both body and mind. We believe these benefits of Yoga are available to all people regardless of prior experience or physical abilities, and that each persons yoga practice is their own personal path to health and wellness. To facilitate this, we offer classes and workshops of all levels and types of yoga, in an atmosphere of inclusion and acceptance, free from judgement, with space and support for every level and type of practitioner. Our diverse and welcoming community attests to this. Nyack Yoga’s spacious and inviting studio is located in the heart of Nyack with free parking onsite and handicap accessibility.

Upcoming Workshops and Events

  • Happy Hour Yoga  A  weekly class with a rotating teacher and different musical theme every Friday 6:30 – 7:45 pm.This week, join Mary Partridge and Penni Feiner as they team up to guide you into the weekend with an all levels vinyasa practice perfect for winding down the week.
    Peni will play LIVE music and donations will be raised to help support the efforts of Kula for Karma.  All levels welcome!  Friday, February 17.
  • February Yin and Meditation Series  with Naomi Camilleri  .. Tuesday, February 14, 21 & 28th. 7:30 -8:30 pm.
    Have you been wanting to begin a regular meditation practice? Do you find it difficult to sit and long for a guide to help you find your path? Or perhaps you have been practicing meditation for awhile but would like a group practice to keep you focused?
    Join Naomi this February every Tuesday evening to cultivate stillness as you look within.Beginning with pranayama breath work to focus the mind, we will move through a gentle Yin Yoga practice which will aid you to shift your awareness deeper and deeper within in preparation for seated meditation. In Yin we target the connective tissues and joints along with the energetic systems of the body, bringing the body into balance and increasing its natural range of motion. Most poses are done while seated or lying down and are held in stillness for 2-5 minutes using the support of props to relieve muscle tension and aromatherapy to relax the mind. Moving from Yin to guided meditation is a natural progression, as the body and mind are in a truly relaxed and receptive state. From guided meditation we will move to a silent, seated meditation, where each practitioner will begin to develop the focus and discipline to continue their personal meditation practice. Appropriate for all levels, this evening class will leave you feeling rested and refreshed.