What Is Aerial Yoga?

Nyack Aerial YogaAerial Yoga takes traditional yoga and lifts it off the ground and into the air through the use of  silk hammocks suspended from the ceiling. The same as used in aerial acrobatics. In this way, many traditional poses , such as backbends or inversions become supported and more accessible to the yoga practitioner. At the same time, spinal compression is alleviated in many poses, freeing the neck and spine to elongate in a way not possible in “grounded” yoga. Inversions, such as headstand, which compress the spinal column are now able to be done hanging from the hammock using gravity to elongate the spine rather than compress it. With the weight of the body fully or partially supported by the hammock, space is naturally created with little effort. This facilitates a greater opening in the body and and a full surrender in the posture. Along with these benefits of spinal decompression, aerial yoga can also help students connect to proper alignment principles of traditional yoga or to move further into advanced poses using the silks as a prop or strap.

Iyengar Using PropsFar from being a “fad” or  “trend”, aerial yoga continues in the tradition of Iyengar Yoga’s use of props, straps rope walls…etc , to achieve proper alignment in poses and facilitate opening in the body and mind.   Also because the silks are used to support the body weight in many poses, aerial yoga can be a great way for the beginning or less athletic practitioner to enter into poses otherwise inaccessible.  However, aerial yoga can also provide a challenge to those advanced yogis looking for a core and upper body strength workout.  Aerial yoga offers something for everyone. That being said, one of the greatest benefits from aerial yoga is the fun that you’ll have and the freedom you’ll experience as you flip, float and fly with the greatest of ease.